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Autumn in Rise Park

As its name suggests, the Arboretum was designed as a Botanical Collection  and a place for relaxation and tranquility - forming a star attraction in the centre of Victorian Nottingham. It is Grade II listed on the Register of Historic Parks & Gardens maintained by English Heritage. It was the first public park in  Nottingham , officially opened in 1852. It is the closest park to the city centre.

The mature trees and shrubs growing here today are living relics of the original collection. Many new species have been planted to maintain the Arboretum as a botanical collection for future generations.

The main attractions within the park include the Bandstand,  Chinese  Bell  Tower & gardens, Bird Aviaries,  Lake and Entrance Lodge.

Located within the main grounds are a series of specialist gardens and borders designed to provide seasonal interest or define a specific collection of plants. These include the Flower Garden,  Dell  Garden , and   Healing  Garden

The park is famous for the magnificent dahlia border display in late summer.

Nottingham Arboretum

This beautiful park is a scheduled 18 minute journey by Tram from Moor  Bridge, alighting at the High School stop, and is well worth a visit.

Parking is not available within the park, nor on the road past the park - due to the Tram line.

Some side street parking may be available - though certain streets are restricted to Resident Permit Holders.

But it is just a short walk from the Gregory Boulevard / Forest Park and Ride site

Important : Visitors are asked not to feed the birds on the pond with bread or cake, which can be harmful or even fatal to them. Wild bird seed should be used instead.

Nottingham Arboretum Chinese Bell Tower

The Chinese Bell Tower &  garden

Summer Sundays

The Arboretum, especially  during the warm summer days, is a magnet for students attending the many nearby college and university premises - and holding picnics or barbecues in the open.

And the occasional Sunday Bandstand Concerts usually attract a good and and appreciative audience, with bands from near and far providing free entertainment for families and visitors wanting to just sit and relax.

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